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Elite Coach Certification Program

The Thought Leaders Academy was established to provide professional coach training to professionals and individuals wanting the best qualification possible. Combining both Thought Leadership and Intrinsic Success the Thought Leaders Academy utilises practical business building and interpersonal communication skills coach training.

Developed by Thought Leaders Global founder Matt Church and Thought Leaders Partner and Master Coach Marcus Bird (Pictured on right), TLA is focussed on graduating the most sort after, professional and successful coaches in the market.

Drawing upon over fifteen(15) years coaching experience, we teach real world coaching skills that have been proven time and time again in the field to help empower people and organisations to make change and drive greater success.

The TLA training focuses on the intrinsic as well as the extrinsic aspects of personal and professional development and success. Our coach training is unique in its content and draws upon powerful tools, techniques and exercises that empower clients to breakthrough to success.

TLA has both a personal and professional focus to its coaching program, which provides participants with the skills that allow them to get to the heart of clients issues and facilitate positive and permanent changes. This includes both psychological and emotional motivation of individuals, as well as the systematic alignment and processes of business success. As a TLA Elite Coach we give equal weight to both the intrinsic and extrinsic nature of our clients.

What you will get: 

• An International Coaching Federation (ICF) accreditation

• Certified, Masters and Licenced coach qualifications

• World class coaching skills and Techniques

• World class business practice building tools and techniques

• Comprehensive mentoring for both personal and professional success

• A clear integrated pathway for success and long term growth

Who is Our Program For;

The TLA coach training is designed for: 

• Corporate Executives - wanting to gain a formal coaching qualification and up skill to further develop their management expertise to allow them to maximize their team’s performance.

• Coaches, trainers, consultants - who want to gain a formal qualification or up date their knowledge and skills.

• Business owners - who run a successful business and are now looking to leverage their skills and give back by helping others.

• Individuals - who have a deep desire and passion to share their wisdom and assist others to have a more fulfilling career and successful life

Our coach training is the most dynamic and comprehensive training in the world and fully accredited with the International Coach Federation (Master Elite Coach Program). We empower trainees to gain the skills to become a successful coach and to run a highly successful coaching practice. If you are looking to challenge yourself, move to the next level in your career or want to be the best you can be then TLA may be the place for you.

Join us at one of our introductory workshops and learn how you can unleash your message to empower others to be more successful.

More About Our Program?

The TLA training is broken into six modules, two in the Certified Elite Coach Program, two in the Master Elite Coach Program and two in the Licensed Elite Coach Program. Each module consists of three days of face-to-face training followed by eight to ten practice, tutoring evenings in each of the six semesters. The Master Elite Coach program includes one free elective of either Elite Business Coach, Elite Executive Coach, or Elite Personal Coach. 

How the program works:

Comprehensive Ellectives...

Together with a range of comprehensive electives that include modules to further deepen and expand your qualifications the Thought Leaders Academy is one of the most comprehensive coaching academy's in the world. Electives include:

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Elite Health and Wellbeing Coaching
  • Speaking and presenting
  • Training and mentoring

What is Coaching?

The International Coach Federation describe coaching as:

‘Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Coaches help people improve their performances and enhance the quality of their lives’.

Coaches are trained to listen, to observe and to customise their approach to individual client needs. They seek to elicit solutions and strategies from the client; they believe the client is naturally creative and resourceful. The coach’s job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that the client already has.’

TLA sees coaching is an intimate journey with a client where the coach facilitates and holds the space for the client to make a transition. It is a guiding process of asking questions that uncover the issue, block and fear that get in the way of progress and success. 

An Elite Coach can be likened to an air traffic controller. We cannot fly a client’s aircraft, but we can guide and show them a safer and faster path to their destination. In the process keeping them out of the clouds and safely through turbulence with less pain and disruption.

The International Coach Federation also recently completed a global study of coaches. The study showed a number of key indicators including the saturation of coaches worldwide which sits at 6.9 coaches per 1 million people in contrast to Oceania (mainly Australia and New Zealand) which sits at 66.2. This saturation means that you need to be the best coach you can be. As an Elite Coach you will become a stand out example and much sort after as a leader in the field.

The other alarming statistic, which some might say is good, is the average income for a coach. Globally the average yearly income for a coach is just over $41,000 p.a. In Australia we fared a little better at just over $57,000 p.a. Now in our eyes this is not a very good advertisement for coaching and why our focus is not just in giving you the best skills but also in helping you to build a highly successful business. Our aim is to graduate coaches who have the capacity to earn in excess of $250,000 p.a. how do we know this is possible because it is what our experience shows.

For more information on coaching see International Coach Federation web site click here!

For a copy of the Global coach study you can download it direct from the International Coaching Federation web site click here!

Why Become an Elite Coach

What is an Elite Coach?

An Elite Coach is a coach that has been trained to the highest standards through proven rigor of real life experience. An Elite Coach is seen as a thought leader in the field of coaching and held in high esteem by peers and clients alike. Elite Coaches leverage their knowledge and become Thought Leaders in their chosen field of expertise. And focus on positioning as the leader in their expertise and utilise the six modes of delivery running a Thought Leaders practice.

Why Become An Elite Coach with TLA?

As an Elite Coach you will have the opportunity to be trained in all of the six modes (Coach, Facilitator, Mentor, Trainer, Speaker and Author) once you have completed the coach training. These modes of delivery will allow you to leverage your message into different markets through these various modes. This is how Elite Coaches can earn in excess of $250,000 per year going from ‘Whitebelt ($120.000 p.a) to Blackbelt ($720,000 p.a) in three years. The second year of the program takes you through the Million Dollar Expert Program that will empower you to become a Blackbelt coach.

What do Elite Coaches do?

As an Elite Coach you will have the opportunity to focus on three main areas of coaching, business, executive and personal.

Elite Business Coach

As an Elite  Business Coach you will help business leaders of small to medium enterprises to more effectively measure, grow and run their companies to greater success. Using the TLA methodology, that has been tried and tested over the last 20 years, TLA Elite Coaches are highly regarded as experts in the SME market. Learn the core skills that have helped to unleash the full potential of business leaders and their companies.

Elite Executive Coach

As an Elite Executive Coach you will be called into help corporate leaders to motivate, influence and empower their teams to work more effectively. Focussed on effective communication, confidence building and engagement skills, TLA Elite Coaches make a significant difference to the lives of corporate employees while positively increasing the bottom line.

Elite Personal Coach

As an Elite Personal Coach you will assist individuals to transition into living their passion, purpose and unleash the possibilities of a more successful life. Dealing with complex and sometimes difficult personal issues, personal coaches support and drive their clients to step into a positive and successful future. Helping others to build the life of their dreams 

What are the benefits of studying with TLA?

We take a different view of the coaching process working with the intrinsic nature of human performance, transformation and success. This together with our commercial success focus makes us an obvious choice if you are looking to effect people at the deepest level possible while building the most successful coaching practice.

The benefits of coach training with TLA include:

1. A unique coaching model that you wont find anywhere else;

2. Worlds best coach training resources and models;

3. Prime positioning in the market as an Elite Coach;

4. Access to a highly successful coaching organisation;

5. Opportunities to participate TLA events;

6. Opportunity to sit in on real life coaching sessions;

7. Thought Leaders Programs;

8. Opportunity to identify and unlock your unique IP;

9. Opportunity to be trained in the six primary delivery modes of coach, facilitator, mentor, trainer, author, and speaker not just coach delivery;

10. Work with the hidden intrinsic issues with clients;

11. Learn to access and use your innate Intuitive Intelligence;

12. Learn to create magic with your clients.