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Matt Church

Matt is a leading thinker who spends his time assisting others to raise the quality of their leadership in three key areas: Thought Leadership, Speakership and Motivational Leadership. An innovative entrepreneur, best- selling author and world-class conference speaker, he was recently recognized by the international speaking community as one of the 25 most in uential people in the global speaking profession.

Michael Henderson

Michael is a best selling author of 5 books published by Harper Collins on the impact and benefits of mastering company culture and human values. In 2010 along with Matt Church and Scott Stein he co wrote the Thought Leaders book published by HarperCollins. Michael is a Thought Leader Global Partner and the Anthropologist in residence for Thought Leaders.

Scott Stein

Scott is a Thought Leader that specialises in improving commercial advantage thru Operational Leadership. In addition to coauthoring the books Thought Leaders: How to capture, package and deliver your ideas for greater commercial success, and Sell Your Thoughts: How to earn a million dollars a year as a Thought Leader, he leads the global charge on developing Thought Leader Global operational strategy and curriculum integration. He is also a successful entrepreneur with 3 business practices, a property trust and is a founding Board member of the charity Hands Across the Water.

Peter Cook

Peter is the partner in charge of getting stuff done – a Thought Leader in the art and science of implementation (he’s also our CFO). Peter is a co-author of Sell Your Thoughts, delivers Thought Leaderships programs in Melbourne, Bali and around the world, and is expecting his first child with is beautiful wife Trish very soon.

Shar Henderson

Shar is an accomplished woman. An Author and managing director of an international business consultancy. Shar is an axiologist mentor and mother of a modern family ( two sons and a step daughter). She spent 10 years flying in the NZ Airforce and then lead a strategic planning team for Skellerup group. She is a 2nd Dan in martial arts and founding member and lead co-ordinator of the “How to build a village project”. Shar is the Thought Leader Global partner in charge of partner alignment. Her hobbies include, feldenkrais, calligraphy, art and music.

Christina Guidotti

Christina is a leading expert in belief, conviction and commitment in the areas of achievement, leadership, productivity and fulfilment. As a speaker, mentor and author she partners with individuals, businesses and organisations to create life-changing and sustainable outcomes. For over two decades she has walked an extraordinarily successful path as a mum, wife and business leader. Christina is an Australian and NZ Thought Leaders Partner and maintains a thriving Black Belt practice.